Tej Pratap starts production of incense sticks named 'L&R'

Patna, July 8:RJD supremo Lalu Prasad's elder son Tej Pratap Yadav does not move far from the limelight thanks to his unique politics or activities. This time, it is for launching production of incense sticks, under the brand name of "L&R".

The production of L&R, said to mean 'Longest and Richer', has already started in Lalu's cowshed ('Lalu Khatal') in Patna and Danapur. However, leaders close to Tej Pratap Yadav say that the brand name L&R meant Lalu and Rabri.

The initiative has been appreciated due to the method of producing incense sticks.

An employee of Lalu's cowshed in Danapur, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed: "We collect flowers offered in the temples and recycle them to produce incense sticks. Besides, we also use coconuts. We do not use any chemicals during the production."

"The owner of the facility (Tej Pratap Yadav) often comes to the cowshed to monitor the production. The entire facility is under CCTV surveillance and Tej Pratap himself keeps an eye on the entire area through his mobile phone," he said.

"After the production of incense sticks, we supply it to retailers and stockists across the country," he added.

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