BJP MP questions Nitish Kumar's governance record


Patna, July 11 :  In wake of the tough remarks of the Supreme Court, BJP MP Ajay Nishadh questioned the record of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, saying "good governance is not visible at ground level" in the state.

"Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister of Bihar since 2005, but law and order is not according to the expectation. The good governance claim of Nitish Kumar is not true," Nishadh said.

"I am not saying that Nitish Kumar should control the crime. It's up to police and civil officials to implement the initiatives taken by the Chief Minister," he added.

The statement of the BJP MP came at a time when the Supreme Court has made strong remarks against the Bihar government, saying only police rule is there in the state.

The bench of Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice M.R. Shah made the remark during the hearing of a SLP against the Patna High Court's December 22, 2020 decision, awarding Rs 5 lakh compensation to a truck driver who was illegally kept in custody for 35 days by Patna police.

The SLP was filed by the Bihar government against quantum of of compensation, but Supreme Court said that the decision of the Patna High Court was right.

The criticism from a BJP MP is also an indication of the souring political relations between the JD-U and the BJP in this Nitish Kumar term.

Recently, the BJP raised questions over Manjeet Singh's presence in the JD-U as he was responsible for defeating its candidate in last year's Assembly elections.

Manjeet Singh was not pleased with the top JD-U leadership and had threatened to leave the party some 10 days ago. There were rumours that he could join the RJD. After the intervention of Nitish Kumar, he remained in the party.

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