BJP leader dares Vikassheel Insaan Party to snap ties with NDA

Patna, Jan 20 :  BJP leader Neeraj Kumar Bablu, a cabinet minister in the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government has dared the Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP) chief to part ways with the NDA.

"Nitish Kumar-led NDA government in Bihar is not dependent on three MLAs of VIP. If he (Mukesh Sahani) wants to step down from the government, no one is stopping it. BJP never invited him and his party to come with it during the previous assembly election in 2020. He came on his own," Bablu said.

"Currently, the NDA government is running in a coalition with four parties. Hence, it is obvious that their ideologies would not be the same. If he has any problem in staying in NDA, he can leave it immediately," Bablu said.

Bablu's statement came at a time when Sahani who is testing his luck in Uttar Pradesh assembly election, alleged that Ajay Nishad abused him a few days ago on the direction of top leadership of BJP.

Sahani and Nishadh represent the Mallah community in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and the BJP does not want Sahani to "enter" Uttar Pradesh and split the Mallah vote bank.

Mukesh Sahani had alleged that BJP wanted to weaken the VIP.

Currently, BJP has 74 MLAs, JD-U has 45, HAM has 4 and VIP has 3 seats.

Besides, one independent candidate is also supporting the NDA government in Bihar having 243 assembly seats. The NDA currently has 127 MLAs.


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