RJD pushes Nitish to take 'bold decision' on caste-based census

Patna, Jan 6 :  Amid differences of opinion amid the ruling coalition majors JD-U and BJP on the former's push for a caste-based census, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has emerged as a forceful proponent of the move and is urging Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to take a "bold decision" on the issue.

The assurance was made by state RJD President Jagadanand Singh on Wednesday.

The issue has split the ruling partners with the BJP's top leadership ruling it out while Nitish Kumar and his JD-U's top leadership are in favour of it.

Nitish Kumar has already announced to conduct caste based census on the expense of the state government. He has also called for an all-party meeting and blamed the BJP for delaying it. After his Janata Darbar on Monday, he said that all political parties of Bihar are in favour of a caste-based census except the BJP.

After Nitish Kumar's statement, Jagadanand Singh appealed to him to take a positive decision on the caste-based census, and said that the RJD will support him.

"The Narendra Modi government at the Centre ruled out conducting a caste-based census in the country but it has allowed states to do the same if anyone wants to. In this case, why is Nitish Kumar delaying on taking decisions on it? We want to assure him that he should go for it, the largest political party of the state is with him," he said.

RJD leaders always claimed that the issue of the caste-based census was first raised during the Rabri Devi government. Hence, RJD wants to take the edge on this issue and also create differences between JD-U and BJP.

"After the clear stand of the Centre, there is no bar for Nitish Kumar to take a decision on it. Still, he is making excuses. I appeal to Nitish Kumar to become brave and take bold decisions. Don't give excuses. Take decisions in the interest of large sections of society," Singh added.


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