Catering staff beaten at wedding over 'mutton' in Bihar's Supaul


Patna, Nov 10 (IANS) At least 13 catering staff were injured after the hosts allegedly beat them up at a wedding in Bihar's Supaul district, officials said on Thursday.

The incident occurred in an area under the Triveniganj police station on Wednesday evening after a group repeatedly demanded mutton during the marriage ceremony.

One of the victims, Mannu Kumar, while interacting with media persons in Triveniganj sub-divisional hospital, said: "We were serving mutton to guests in the marriage ceremony. A group of 4 to 5 persons repeatedly demanded mutton. We were serving them but they used abusive language against us. When we objected, they got into in a verbal duel.

"Soon youths from the bride's side arrived there. They got angry at us and started physically assaulting us. Three of us were badly injured in that attack, while the other 10 have minor injuries."

Apart from Mannu Kumar, the other two critically injured catering staff are Ajay Kumar and Sumit Kumar, and they are admitted to the same hospital.

Hospital duty officer, Dr Dipak Kumar, said: "Three persons were admitted in the hospital. They are badly injured. We have started the treatment."

The victims have registered a written complaint in Triveniganj police station. The matter is under investigation.


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