Pappu Yadav appeals for social boycott of MLAs, MPs over rising crimes in Bihar

Patna, Nov 15 (IANS) Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) president Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav on Tuesday said that murders in Bihar would not stop until people do not speak out against the public representatives. The MLAs, MPs and ministers need to be socially boycotted in the state.

"The political parties are offering tickets to people known for carrying AK 47 and AK 56. They are giving tickets to gangsters and mafias. How could murders stop here. The criminals have no fear of law and order," Yadav said when he went to Samastipur to console the family members of Sunil Yadav (20) who was killed last week.

"Districts like Samastipur and Bhojpur have become a cremation ground in Bihar where murders are frequently taking place in broad daylight. A number of murders have taken place in Sarairanjan area in Samastipur. In Bhojpur headquarter Arrah, 10 murders have taken place in the last 11 days. A MLC of Arrah is involved in smuggling of heroin and marijuana. He is a noted sand mafia in the Arrah region, still the political parties are patronising them," Yadav said.

"Whenever a murder take place in Bihar, the local MLA, MLC, MP or minister do not come to console the victim's family. No one listens here. I want to point out that the people are responsible for giving votes to the politicians. If they start boycotting them in elections, the crime cases will automatically come down here. People of the state should start a social boycott of public representatives," Yadav added.


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