Patna varsity student union candidate touches feet of girl students

Patna, Nov 14 (IANS) Dramatic scenes were witnessed in the Patna University campus on Monday when a student union candidate of the Jan Adhikar Student Council (JASC) touched the feet of female students as he urged them to vote for him.

JASC, the student wing of Pappu Yadav-led Jan Adhikar Party (JAP), has fielded Dipankar Prakash for the PU Student Union President's post.

"All girls of Patna University are like my mother and sister and touching their feet is an honour. They are the symbol of Ma Durga. I also have a mother, sister and other females in my house and girl students of PU are similar to them. I respect all mothers and sisters," Prakash said.

"Touching the feets of girl students is better than distributing biryani, pizza, and burgers the other candidates did in the past to lure them. I am a ground level worker and I stand by them for any work. If I have to touch the feet of officers for any work of a particular student, I will not hesitate to do so," he added.

At present, the current student union President Manish Kumar also belongs to the JASC and lso campaigned for Prakash in the campus.

"During my tenure, I met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and urged him to build a hostel for girls in Magadh Mahila College. Now, it has been constructed and will soon become operational. We worked in the past and we will do the same in future," he said.


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