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patna, nov 18 (ians) the administration in bihar's darbhanga has given shoot at sight order for bluebulls and wild pigs if they come on to the runway of the airport.

darbhanga district forest officer sudhir kumar gupta said: "it is extremely difficult to capture or tranquilise bluebulls or wild pigs alive. they often come on the runway. hence, we have take a decision to shoot them if they come on the runway."

the official said that more than 200 blue-bulls and wild pigs are present around the airport area and the threat of accidents always looms large here.

"animals become hyperactive due to loud noise generated during take-off and landing. the collisions of animals with the aircraft are always on the higher side here. hence, killing is the only option that we have opted in a meeting with the officials of departments concerned," gupta said.


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