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patna, nov 19 (ians) the bihar government served notices to former ministers of bjp to vacate their government bungalows in patna.

these include former deputy chief ministers tar kishore prasad, and renu devi, former speaker and now leader of opposition in assembly vijay sinha and others. due to the unavailability of bungalows, the ministers of current mahagathbandhan including deputy chief ministers tejashwi yadav are on a waiting list.

the building construction department also imposed fine on them.

following the notice, renu devi came forward to strongly object.

"the state government has imposed a tune of rs 2,36,000 on me. i want to inform the building construction department that the residence allotted to me is under repair. the department has not handed over that residence to me so how could i vacate the present bungalow. where would i go if i vacate this bungalow now?" renu devi said.

"the mahagathbandhan government is unnecessarily targeting the bjp legislators. the bihar government has imposed a fine on me without any fault. if the residence would be ready and still i am not vacating the bungalow then the relevance of fine can be justified. at present, the notice served to me only to target me. i will not pay the fine," renu devi asserted.

she added that she has an option to go to the court and file a case against the state government.


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