Today’s Bharat eliminates enemies in their own house, thunders PM Modi at Bihar rally

New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a mega poll blitz in Bihar’s Jamui district on Thursday assailed the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)-Congress alliance for their negative politics and also outlined how the country was mustering strength and getting global recognition under the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

PM Modi slammed the Congress for ‘bowing before foreign nations’ for securing nation’s security and sovereignty and said that things have changed drastically now.

“Today’s Bharat doesn’t seek help from others in defending self, it attacks and eliminates its enemies in their own houses,” PM Modi thundered at the public rally, in a clear message to Pakistan harbouring and sponsoring anti-India elements.

Without taking the name of Pakistan, he said that under the BJP-led government, Bharat has restored itself to its previous glory and is punishing its enemies in their own den.

Amused at the massive turnout of people at the Jamui rally, PM Modi also asked, “Is it a poll rally or a victory rally?”

“Today, India is the fifth largest economy and is bracing for bigger milestones. Chandrayaan's landing on the Moon shows our growing stature in space science. G20 meetings have become a talking point all across the country and globe,” PM Modi said while listing out the priorities of the NDA government.

PM Modi also drew a comparison between NDA’s progressive governance and Ghamandia gathbanthan’s opportunism. He said that RJD kept the state in the ‘dark ages’ for a long and things started improving only under the NDA government.

Highlighting the government’s resolve for a prosperous Bihar, he said that NDA was focused on bringing solar power to the state as against ‘laalten raaj’ of RJD.

He also said that the RJD regimes created an atmosphere of terror and jungle raj but the BJP-JD(U) alliance was consistently working hard to create a robust infrastructure in the state.


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