Several rivers in North Bihar flowing above danger levels

Patna, July 4 (IANS) The situation in North Bihar appeared grim on Thursday with several rivers, including the Kosi, Bagmati, Kamla Balan, Adhwara, and Mahananda, flowing above the danger level.

The Kosi River in the Baltara block of Khagaria district was flowing at 34.09 meters, surpassing its danger level of 33.85 meters.

The Bagmati River in the Benibad block of Muzaffarpur district is also posing a serious flood threat, with its current water level at 49.41 meters, well above the danger level of 48.68 meters.

The Adhwara River in Sundarpur, Sitamarhi district, is also flowing above the danger level. The current water level is 62.10 meters, exceeding the danger level of 61.70 meters.

The Mahananda River at Dhangaraghat in Purnea district is currently at 36.20 meters, exceeding the danger level of 35.65 meters.

Similarly, the Kamla Balan River at Jhanjharpur in Madhubani district was flowing above the danger level, with a current water level of 50.44 meters compared to the danger level of 50.00 meters.

Other rivers, including the Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Bhutahi Balan, Lalbakeya, and Khiroi, were also flowing near danger levels in several locations.

The release of about 1.25 lakh cusecs of water from the Valmiki Barrage, the highest this season, has exacerbated the situation. Additionally, the water level of the Gandak Barrage has been rising due to continuous rain in Nepal and the release of 1.64 lakh cusecs of water from Narayan Ghat in Nepal.

The Bihar government's Water Resource Department has put all officials of the Gandak Barrage on high alert, and dams are being continuously monitored. The risk of floods and soil erosion has significantly increased for residents in low-lying areas. People living in areas such as Shripat Nagar, Bhaisahiyan, Balua Thodi, Madarhawa, Sisai, Khap Tola, Uma Tola, and Harakh Tola of Bagaha subdivision have been advised to stay alert.

Many villages in Gopalganj, East Champaran, and the Bagaha subdivision of West Champaran district are also at risk, including the Yogapatti block of Bettiah. Almost every year numerous villages turn into islands during such situations, causing significant distress among the population.

The situation has already led to serious consequences, such as the embankment of the Gandak canal in Murarpur Gularia Tola of Harsiddhi block breaking on Wednesday. This break has resulted in the submergence of nearby villages and the destruction of crops across hundreds of acres.

The officials of the Water Resource Department asked residents in the affected regions to remain vigilant, follow instructions from local authorities, and prepare for potential evacuations to ensure their safety.


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