3 transgenders become Sub-Inspectors in Bihar

Patna July 10 (IANS) After the Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission (BPSSC) announced the results for the Sub-Inspector examination on Tuesday, three transgender candidates passed the test and are set to don the police uniform in the state.

This is the first time in India's history that a person from the transgender community has become a sub-inspector in Bihar.

Manvi Madhu Kashyap is one of them, hailing from a small village in Bhagalpur.

Among the 1,275 posts of sub-inspector, Manvi stood out from the crowd with her inspiring journey and resilience.

She shared her struggles, saying, "I used to wear a scarf to hide my identity out of fear of society. My mother would visit Patna secretly to meet me, but now I will go to my village donning the uniform and tell everyone that I have no shame in being transgender."

She recounted discovering her identity in class 9, which led to her becoming disconnected from society.

She has two sisters, a brother, and a mother in her family.

Manvi hasn't visited her home for the last nine years.

She expressed her joy and determination by stating, "Now that I've passed the sub-inspector examination, after completing the training, I will go to my village in uniform and salute my mother."

She dedicated herself to rigorous preparation, studying for more than eight hours daily for the past one-and-a-half years and engaging in physical exercise for one-and-a-half hours every morning at the Gandhi Maidan.

Manvi excelled in the physical examination, completing the race in 4.34 minutes, well within the permissible limit of six minutes, earning applause from the police officers present.

She attributed her success to Guru Rehman, a prominent educationist, and expressed her gratitude, saying she will remain a lifelong student of his gurukul.

Guru Rehman, proud of this year's BPSSC results, said, "This year's result is making me even more proud because I used to make boys and girls sub-inspectors, but this time three transgenders have also become sub-inspectors from my institute. I provide free education to transgenders, and even today, 26 transgenders are studying in different batches here."


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