India does not want 'weak, cowardly, and unstable' Congress government, says PM Modi in Bihar

Patna, May 13 (IANS) Targeting Congress leaders for making 'pro-Pakistan' statements, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the party and its INDIA bloc partners cannot make "tough decisions" to protect national security.

"This is a country's election, a choice to elect the country's leadership. The country does not want a weak, cowardly, and unstable government like the Congress. You can imagine... These are such frightened people, even in their dreams, they see Pakistan's nuclear bombs coming," PM Modi said while addressing a public meeting in Bihar's Muzaffarpur.

"Congress and leaders of the INDI Alliance, what kind of statements are they making? Saying that Pakistan hasn't worn bangles... Someone is giving Pakistan a clean chit in the Mumbai attacks. Someone is questioning surgical and air strikes... Leftists even want to eliminate India's nuclear weapons altogether. Can such selfish people make tough decisions for national security? Can such parties build a strong India?" the Prime Minister questioned.

Taking a dig at the opposition alliance, PM Modi ridiculed the grouping's 'one year, one PM' formula.

"These INDI Alliance members are now daydreaming like 'Mungerilal'... They dream that their government will come to power at the Centre. They want to run the country on a 'one-year-one-Prime Minister formula'. You also know, the country cannot function with a new Prime Minister every year... it will come to a standstill," he stated.

Insisting that he has the commitment to fulfil the dreams of Bihar's youth, the Prime Minister mentioned that, under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar, the NDA government has created several job opportunities for the youth of the state.

"The Central government has also given lakhs of jobs through job fairs. We have also brought reforms in the recruitment of jobs. We have also approved eight new medical colleges, built more than 10,000 Ayuhsman Arogya centres, and 300 public clinics and opened more than 60,000 common service centres in Bihar. I want to ask you who are the people working on it. Is all this going on without the youth getting employment? Lakhs of common service centres in the country are being run by the youth of the country," he said.

PM Modi also targeted the Congress government on inflation and taxes during its tenure.

"What was the inflation situation 10 years ago? At that time, only one song was played 'Mehangai Daayan Khaye Jaat Hai'. At that time, the Congress government used to ask to pay tax on monthly income of Rs 30,000. Today, we have brought in such reforms that even on an income up to Rs 50,000, you will not have to pay a single penny," said PM Modi.

PM Modi also targeted the 15-year rule of the RJD government led by Lalu Prasad Yadav.

"Jungle raj life was terrible and scary. RJD's jungle raj pushed Bihar back by several decades. It was the NDA government which has brought law and order back on track in the state. The people of Muzaffarpur and Bihar suffered the wounds of Maoism for decades but now naxal activities are declining rapidly. Previous governments nurtured Maoism and also used it against you. Due to crime and Maoism, industries and businesses in Bihar were ruined," he said.


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