Cong and allies ruined 60 years of country, destroyed lives of 3-4 generations: PM Modi in Bihar

New Delhi, May 21 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday fired fresh salvos at the INDIA bloc in Bihar at a poll rally and tore into Congress-RJD governments for "forced" migration of youth from the state.

Prime Minister accused the Congress and its allies of ruining 60 years of the country and also destroying the lives of three to four generations and said that they will be made to pay the price for such ‘injustice’ by the citizens.

He said that the 21st century cannot move forward with the ‘sins’ of the INDIA bloc and asserted that people of the country will ‘strike back’ at the “ill-intentions” and “misdeeds” of Congress and RJD on June 4, the day when results for Lok Sabha elections will be declared.

“This strike will be against rampant corruption, politics of appeasement, tukde-tukde gang, Jungle Raj, anti-Sanatan mindset and also on their devious plot to divide society for political gains,” PM Modi said at the public rally.

PM Modi, on a campaign trail to Bihar, addressed two rallies on Tuesday, first in East Champaran and second in Maharajganj. Both rallies saw a groundswell of support as thousands of people gathered at the venues.

PM Modi slammed the past dispensations of Bihar for decades-long migration of youth and said that it was only stopping now due to the efforts of the NDA government.

Taking a swipe at Congress and its “prince”, PM Modi said that the Opposition doesn’t have any agenda in the elections, other than “abusing” him.

“Somebody is saying that they will dig Modi’s grave, someone is saying that they will bury him while Congress prince wants to see tears in my eyes,” he told the huge gathering.

Taking on the INDIA bloc, PM Modi stated that the nation can’t run as per their whims and fancies.

Further mocking the Opposition, the Prime Minister said that they have been completely defeated and decimated by the fifth phase of elections.

“INDI alliance was in low spirits in the first phase and by the fifth phase, they have been completely decimated. The sixth and seventh phase will see their further downfall,” he said.

Lambasting the Opposition for its “anti-Ram” stand, PM Modi said they not only “opposed” Ram Temple construction but also declined the invite for Pran Pratistha.

“A person who was convicted and sentenced to jail term was released on health grounds. But, he chooses to relish good food at home and decline an offer to visit Ram Temple,” PM Modi told the gathering, taking a jibe at RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav.


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