The Poor Are Worst Hit Because of Poor Execution

Of The Programme But They Are Not Complaining

Manoje Nath*


n every society there are eternal nay sayers, all knowers, contrarians, prophets of doom, and arm chair reformers who want their reforms served up to them in their cosy perch. They will always opt for the other option which is not there. 

Economists and those who know, fear that the move may not only fail to contain black money; it may actually increase the supply. Some of them are already predicting its failure. It will be timely to ask the question of them “How and why has our economy arrived at this state where, it is half black and half white .It is not the case that carpenters, masons and plumbers were advising the government all this while. Despite being under the care of qualified and eminent economists, if the economy has acquired its mulatto character, we know things happen despite the wisdom of economists. Contentious but let us pass for the moment, we can discuss it some other time. Meanwhile the pro government and anti government economists can slug it out.

Let us now address the concern of the political class for the poor. Had the political class in general been concerned about the poor they would have long ago come out of their poverty .After all Garibi Hatao was the most outspoken agenda for very long. For starters, it has been said that the industrialists, capitalists etc are not to be find in the queue; it is the poor who are standing in the queue etc. and they have been harassed). As for the poor standing in the queue, it is for the simple reason that their holdings of these big denomination notes can be carried in their pockets or purses and they are unafraid; the ones who have them stacked from the floor to ceiling in stadium size warehouses may have deployed an army of carriers of small portions. They would not have the courage to take them in trucks to the bank. The poor are happy, the poor feel proud and empowered, honest toil over dishonest theft is being vindicated for the first time. 

As for wasting of hours – this is ridiculous. Time and human lives are the only two things of which there is a limitless supply and are wasted with great alacrity. It also shows which of the travails of the poor are worth taking notice and which best ignored. Take for instance the Gandhi Setu. In 15 years of its dilapidated existence it has caused a loss of billions upon billions of man hours have been lost and, as in any dislocation, the poor are the least protected against losses. People wasting time in queues has become an issue where the staple of our democratic politics is dharnas bands Rasta rokos.

To say that the BJP has laundered all its black money in these two and a half years beggars the imagination. I do not know whether some people pretend imbecility or are they God gifted in this department .Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead, but here we are being asked to believe that any number of BJP fund managers were on the job, without any one coming to know . This reminds me of what Lenin said about that maverick intellectual Dwight Macdonald. “Everybody has a right to be stupid, but comrade Macdonald absolutely abuses the privilege “. So many people should abuse their privilege at once is quite amusing. If Mr. Modi has done this for the motive above (absolutely impossible! ) I will suggest the best tack. He could be condemned by TS Eliot’s line “The last act is the greatest treason./ To do the right thing for the wrong reason”

My contention is that instead of being “anti poor” this move has placed the poor man in the centre of the national drama that is being played out.(644)


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*Manoje Nath, IPS retired as DG Homeguards, Bihar has vast experience of investigating financial crimes. The Patna High Court asked him to investigate several important cases during his tenure .Among many other  important cases,  it asked him to investigate  counterfeit currency cases and  directed the government to create a special cell to be placed under him for curbing this menace.

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