Man’s alter ego-an Animal


Maneka Gandhi


(Bihar Times) While the Zodiac divides us into animals depending on the month we are born in , the Chinese have divided the years into animals.  So each of us get the characteristics of the year and month we are born in. I am a Monkey/ virgin , my son is a monkey/fish, my husband was a dog/centaur.
In the movie Golden Compass the idea was put forward that each one of us had an animal as an alter ego.
Who are you ? One animal or a mixture of several animals ? Take this quiz : you might be surprised.
1. Loyal to a fault and cannot bear to be without a best friend with whom you exchange secrets and laugh with. You like the idea of being a loner but you need people to be around at a shouting distance. You are curious, scientifically minded and care little for luxuries but give you a starry sky and a tension free meal and you are happy. You hate the rains.
2.You are a city slicker and you have the attributes that make you successful in the city : intelligence, a sense of humour, no fear but great caution.  You change houses easily without getting rattled. You are not fussy about your food. You quickly find relatives, even distant ones and stay with them – in fact you are happiest in a group that is composed of people you have known since childhood. You stand up for them and expect them to protect you against outsiders.
3. You are a bully, vain and manipulative. You are mean to your children , in fact you have no time for them at all. But you are loved in the community at large because of your looks and your voice which is innocent and shy. Poets adore you, whole countries design things around you. Your fame is easily gotten. Little do they know how physically vicious you can be when no one is looking.
4. You are flamboyant, charismatic and obstinate , possessive about your territory. You have a wife whom you ill treat after your initial romance is over and serial mistresses who live with you.  You have a large vocabulary, anger management issues and you don’t always tell the truth , specially when it comes to wooing the opposite sex. You love to be the centre of attention , love parties and socializing but quarreling comes naturally to you.
5.Most people avoid you because they think you will hurt them. They don’t realize that you are much more frightened of them and will do anything to avoid a situation. Most of your life is in fact pretence. You pretend to like music but are in fact very hard of hearing. You can’t see very well but point to people at random as if you know them intimately. You have poor vocalization but you make faces threateningly. You are very sensitive to temperature changes but you venture out in all weathers only to fall ill.  It would be difficult to find anyone as timid and easily stressed as you. You avoid confrontation and like a very quiet life. You are a good parent and a loving partner but for some reason you do not advertise this fact
6.You love touching and being touched.  You are happy to be dominated by the females in your family even though you are very masculine in appearance and athletic. You are a relaxed person who prefers not to work long hours and are happiest at home with friends and family, eating.  You are very social in nature and is not greedy or envious of other people’s possessions. You love all children as your own and are a great adoptive parent
7.You are good at organization and team work. In fact you are excellent at group based decision making. You love adventure, can live anywhere and in any climatic condition. You have an excellent sense of direction. Your instincts are sharp. You can sense a threat long before it comes and you move sharply to avoid it.  Even physically your reflexes are superb and you enjoy running and physical exercise.  If you are male, you are a good singer . If you are a female, you don’t really like sex. Once is about all that you can put up with and then you bond with your children .
8.You love warm weather but you are not too keen on bathing. In fact your personal habits , specially that of spitting and getting violent when you are in a temper bother people. You are generally healthy and strong and self sufficient .You seem stubborn but you are in fact exceptionally sensitive and if you are treated badly you often cry silently. You remember bad treatment and you would like to take revenge but your temper lasts only for a short time and then you become calm again. You are a simple person who is not materialistic. You are good at finding your way out of impossibly difficult situations so you are not as stupid as you look.  .
9.You like cool dry places. You are frugal, soft spoken, meticulous about not wasting things, lean and clean to the point of being obsessive.  In fact you are particular about your routine being absolutely set – to the point that when you leave the house you turn left no matter where you are going (you never lose your way either ).You don’t like loud sounds and your hearing is very sharp. You dislike leaving home during the day and you do not like being disturbed by the family or outsiders
10.You are a homely, loving, physically demonstrative, caring being with sharp people skills. You remember large numbers of people for many years, where they live and what they do. You are artistic in bent, with a sharp eye for colour and form and your field can easily be one of an art critic. Like any artist you are impulsive , preferring a short term smaller gain to a long term larger one. You are a master of the art of compromise , preferring peace to leadership even though you are not scared of anything.
11.You are an independent bachelor by nature, preferring to lead a solitary life in which you sleep very little,  travel and see the world. You do not believe in leaders. You like socializing but only for short periods. You don’t believe in marriage though you like kids. You are unfailingly polite to the opposite sex and when you are ignored by them you may interrupt their conversation with a discreet cough.  You are not a fashionable person , in fact you are uncoordinated in most everything to do with dance, music and society. Your favourite part of the day is twilight
Donkey 2. Crow 3. Cuckoo 4. Rooster 5. Snake 6. .Mouse 7. Cockroach 8.Camel 9. Bat 10. Pigeon 11.Giraffe

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